A Piece Of Culture: Translated Ecuadorian Traditional Legends


Casa Editora; María de Lourdes Moscoso; Sebastián Bermeo; Sofía Peralta; Marco Bravo


A tribute to our ancestors, to our culture.

This book is inspired by the beautiful traditions of our Ecuador. Culture gives us the most interesting and fascinating stories, which are full of mystery and romance. Yet, translating them was no easy feat. The job was not easy, but for all of us, these legends represent who we are as Ecuadorians, and as International Relations students who represent our country. We want to thank our ancestors for creating, sharing and spreading their passion.

Allow this book to help your imagination wander and remember what it feels like to be an Ecuadorian! Enjoy!

This book is dedicated to our professor María de Lourdes Moscoso for making this project possible, for creating it, helping it become a reality, and for her work every day making our career a success.

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June 29, 2021